January 16, 2012

Lazy Weekend

This past weekend was one of the laziest in memory. I was drained from the week and my couch and a big, warm blanket was much more appealing than putting on my warmest layers to face the 10 degree weather.

I took the downtime to dig through my closet to uncover super comfy cowboy boots to bring on a trip to Nashville in June, finally finish Mindy Kaling's hilarious new book (a must-read!), dig into a stack of magazines I've been accumulating, do some web browsing on my pink netbook, and drink plenty of lemon water (a New Year's resolution.)

Here's to a productive week!


  1. There was nothing else that I wanted to do this weekend other than take bubble baths and catch up on shows under my fuzzy blanket... too cold!!!

    You should get a feather too :)


  2. You have a very good eye for design and photo composition. Just saying.