January 24, 2012

On the Road Again

{a delicious lunch of guac + chips and veggie tacos at Dos Caminos in NYC on Friday}

I'm doing so much traveling sans my personal netbook this winter that it's hard to keep up here! To the girls who post everyday: I salute you! It's no small feat to find the time between work and a social life!

Anyway, a question was posed on another blog today about purse essentials. It got me thinking about work-related travel essentials, as I'm doing so much jet setting as of late. Other than my iPhone, I've decided that the below are must-haves when on the road.

1. a roomy, sturdy, all-season tote to hold everything from a laptop, to magazines, to plane snacks

2. Chapstick. With travel comes dehydration, and no other lip balm compares to the original

3. for some reason, I'm always freezing on the train from Boston to New York. Planes can be quite chilly too. You can't go wrong with a colorful scarf in a fun pattern

4. when you're running around, cozy flats are a lifesaver

what do you make sure to bring on the road?

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