November 30, 2011

Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Even though it's been unseasonably warm in Boston as of late, I've somehow managed to catch at least a little bit of Christmas spirit. Though I'm still waiting for the 5 ft., pre-lit tree I snagged for the rock bottom price of $20 on on a Black Friday whim to arrive, I've started to add some seasonal touches to my apartment.

Inspired by holiday decor images on Pinterest, I decided to put on my rarely-worn DIY hat and create some inexpensive centerpieces and wall hangings using cheap big-box store items paired with odds & ends I already own.

{An over-sized mason jar filled half-way with holiday potpourri & pre-made sprigs from Christmas Tree Shop}

{Christmas wrapping paper replaces pictures in an already-owned, vertical frame in the kitchen}

And how perfect are these $1.99 gold trees in a group of 3 for a small, high shelf?

Wreaths don't have to be reserved for the outdoors. No nails necessary when hung on a light fixture!

{All images are my own via Instagram}

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  1. Wow! I love the little trees and the wrapping paper wall hanging. That wreath is really pretty too.