November 10, 2011

To Do: Putting a Lid on it

Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it. It happens to me quite often, as it did earlier this week when I decided I wanted to can my own pickles. Though I'm a total canning newbie, I watched a quick video on the process, and knowing I had almost all of the elements necessary to complete the project, hightailed it to the grocery store to stock up on cucumbers.

The whole process was incredibly simple. Other than a few spices you'll likely already have, a large pot, and cukes, you'll need a clean mason jar (a large, wide mouth jar works best for spears, while a smaller jar will suffice for chips) and some pickling spice, easily found at most grocery stores. I followed a Men's Health mag recipe and am now a little less than 3 weeks shy from tasting some (hopefully) delicious homemade pickles. Is there anything more satisfying than tasting the fruits of your labor?

(all photos are my own.)


  1. Wow, I would never have imagined you putting up your own pickles. Hope they turn out yummy!

  2. It was so easy to do! I hope they turn out well, too - I can't wait to try them. Less than 2 weeks left!