November 14, 2011

Now Trending: Ruffling Feathers

I know I'm a little behind the craze, but until a couple of weeks ago, I'd been wanting to get feathers in my hair for quite some time. The look appealed to me, and being totally afraid to alter my strands in any way, save for some subtle highlights and a tiny trim every few months, the temporary nature of the style elevated my longing for some colorful plumes to a fever pitch.

After some research into the process and Boston salons offering the service, I bit the bullet, picked up the phone and made an appointment to get feathered.

I couldn't have been in the salon for more than 15 minutes, tops. After signing in, I was directed to a chair and given a binder of several laminated pages of various colors of - you guessed it - feathers. The stylist, to my dismay, offered little guidance when it came to which width and shade of feathers would look best in my thick, medium-brown hair. I decided on 3 extremely thin strands - honey, white and a particularly pretty shade of greenish blue. In a flash, a small braid was created on the underside of my head, and the three small feathers were attached with a straightening iron and barely visible metal clip. Voila:

The problem? 35 dollars later (not including tip,) and you can't even see the feathers. You see, when I say my hair is thick, I mean I could give away 2/3rds of my mane and still have plenty leftover. In the almost 2 weeks I've had the feather extensions, not a soul has noticed. I was hoping the result would be something more like this:

The lesson in all of this? Go big or go home. Maybe next time i'll go in for some rainbow tips, like my style icon L.C.

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