November 21, 2011

To Do: Closet Organization

In addition to high rent and a no fido rule, one of the major downsides to city living is serious lack of storage space. With only one small clothing closet, space is at a premium in my little Boston abode.

On the average morning, i'm running around like a crazy person trying to get out the door. The chaos i leave in my wake usually consists of half of my wardrobe thrown carelessly around the room, accessories included. This past Saturday afternoon, I made a date with my closet, setting aside a few hours to sort, donate and organize its varied contents.



Not only did I put away strictly summer frocks - sometimes tops and dresses usually reserved for warmer months can make great layering pieces - I gave away items I've neglected to wear in some time, ordered the hanging rack by type of piece, reserved the top shelf for jeans and sweaters and turned the back of the closet door into an accessories display; hanging necklaces, clipping earrings and adding bags and headbands directly onto the door's existing shade.

The experience was cathartic (I'm typically a bit of a neat freak, I swear,) and the end result should save me a few precious pre-work minutes in the future.


  1. Jealous! Wish I had the energy to clean out my closet. Want to come over and organize mine? :)

  2. It's quite the undertaking, that's why it usually only happens twice a year! I'd be happy to help. I'll accept my payment in Spicy Tuna rolls!