December 14, 2011

Fa La La La La

Music is one of the simplest joys in life, yet also one of the most under appreciated. There's music you listen to when you're sad, happy, excited, feeling contemplative, etc., but one of the best kinds of music to listen to, in my opinion, is Christmas music!

With it's sharing capabilities and integration with Facebook, Spotify is truly changing the way we listen to music. Best of all, it's FREE! Lately, I cant get enough of Spotify's Christmas music offerings (though I'm sure my friends can, because every time I remember a new favorite, I share it!) Without any snow so far this fall, and none in the forecast, Christmas music is one of the few things brightening my holiday season.

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Check out my Spotify Christmas list by clicking on the button on the right to follow me. I promise it's a good one!

{Some Christmas Favorites}:

What are your Christmas song list must-haves?


  1. Kate Bush - December will be magic

  2. Snowed In is my all time favorite Christmas CD! This year.. Glee volume 2 and Michael Buble have been thrown into the mix.